May 27, 2009

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Create a Flash Catalog of your Favorite Amazon Products

Before I get into the actual product, here’s how your Amazon Product catalog will look like on the web. You can navigate through the pages of this virtual catalog like other flipping magazines (e.g. Zinio) and if the pictures or text appears too...

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Never Forget an Email Attachment in Outlook Again

You just sent an email referencing a document but only after that mail has left your Outlook outbox did you realize that you forgot to attach the file with the message. And then there’s another wave of follow emails from recipients asking -...

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Watch TV Shows on the Desktop with Joost Media Player, as you probably know, is a free web service that lets you watch popular TV shows, music videos, podcasts and even some movies on the Internet.

Initially, Joost required users to download a desktop application for watching Internet TV but in...

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Nokia N97 Reviewed at CNET

Like the Palm Pre, there’s plenty of buzz around the Nokia N97 mobile phone that is expected to hit the retail shelves sometime next month.

The touch-screen N97 phone has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 5 Megapixel camera and you can customize the...

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Adobe Introduces Presentations - Create Impressive Slides Online Presentations is a new online presentation tool from Adobe to help you create presentations in the web browser. The service may have some things in common with Google Docs Presentations, Zoho Show, 280Slides or Slide Rocket but unlike...

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