May 21, 2009

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Digital Inspiration

New Visual Search Engine Arranges Results in a Large Collage

visual search

Search results for Google (above) and Microsoft (below)

microsoft search

Spezify is a new visual search engine that aggregates search results from multiples sources including Yahoo, Flickr photos, Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, etc. and then arranges all these...

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Now Ship Your Hard Drive to Amazon for Offsite Backup

Online backup services like Mozy, Carbonite, etc. are some good & inexpensive choices for storing your photos, home videos, music files, personal documents and other important computer files on to a remote location. Amazon S3 too can be used for...

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Compare Wolfram Search Results with Google

Firefox users can now use the brilliant Wolfram search engine alongside Google.

Google and Wolfram on the same page
google and wolfram together

This is possible through a new Firefox add-on that displays search results from Wolfram Alpha in a neat sidebar whenever you perform a...

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