May 12, 2009

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Improve Performance of AdSense Link Units on your Site

Do you use Google AdSense on your site? Here are two tips to help improve the performance of AdSense Link Units on your site without changing any code.

1. Don’t Reuse Colors

When you create an Ad Link unit for your site, the background color of...

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Find the Meaning of any #Hashtag on Twitter

Hashtag, in simple English, is any word that begins with a hash (#) symbol.

twitter hashtags

Hash-tags are popular on Twitter because writing space is limited but people can associate their tweets with an event (or product) without having to explain the full...

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Word of the Day - Typochondria

which font?Typochondria is a state of persistent anxiety among designers that they have selected a wrong typeface or font for their project.

“The condition is often paired with optical kerning disorder or the need to constantly adjust and re-adjust the space...

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Hide Your Online Status on Facebook Chat from Select Contacts

If you are connected with too many people on Facebook and need to hide your online status on Facebook Chat from certain contacts, here’s some help.

hide in facebook chat

Facebook has integrated friends list with Chat and you can also choose which of these list members...

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Just How Much Sugar is Present in your Favorite Foods?

You may be adding just a single cube of sugar in your cup of tea or coffee but do you know how may extra sugar cubes are you eating ever day through other foods & drinks?

sugar in ben jerry icecream sugar in coke

sugar in apple fruit sugar in watermelon slices

sugar in snapple drink minute-maid orange juice

Check out Sugar Stacks - it’s an interesting site that will help...

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