May 19, 2009

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Edit Google Documents Directly in Microsoft Office & Save Your Changes Online

Oudi Antebi, a former marketing manager at Microsoft, has developed an awesome plug-in that turns your copy of Microsoft Office into an offline Google Docs editor. You can save your Office documents directly to Google Docs or directly open your online...

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Orientation Webinar For People Who Are New to Google AdSense

This is something for AdSense publishers in India whose accounts have just been approved by Google.

The AdSense team at Google will hold an online webinar on May 22, at 5:00 p.m. IST to help newly approved publishers on getting started with their AdSense...

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How the ZooZoo ads were Created - A Behind the Scenes Video

zoozoo If you were wondering how O&M created the popular Zoozoo ads for Vodafone without using computer animation, here are some behind the scenes video clips that will give you some good idea about the whole production process.

You may also want to check...

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Google Shares How Audience React to Commercial Breaks in TV Programs

ad break on television

The above graph shows how Television viewers react to commercial breaks in TV programs second-by-second. The audience level drops immediately at the start of the commercial break but then starts to grow again.

The audience starts to grow again about...

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