May 15, 2009

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Timeline: How Our News Sources Changed in the Last 200+ Years

Our primary sources of information in the last 200 years - Timeline


In the early 19th century, the only way to get news was face-to-face communication but that started to change with the advent of printed newspapers and magazines in the 1900s.


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How China Censors the Internet - Video

An employee of Baidu, the Google of China, has leaked a document folder that suggests in detail how authorities in China censor the Internet.

Video - Internet Censorship in China

These internal documents contain information about internet monitoring...

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Add a Recommendation Engine to your Site - Let Readers Decide Your Best Content

A recommendation engine is a simple mechanism to learn about stories that other people may have enjoyed reading on your site. The list of recommended items (or web pages) is often published on the site so that new visitors can quickly discover popular...

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Common Craft Website Gets a Makeover

common craft website

Common Craft, a popular educational video site that is especially known for explaining technical stuff like Twitter, Blogs, Lifestreaming, Wikis, etc. in plain English, has just been revamped.

Other than design changes, you can now watch high quality...

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