May 11, 2009

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Digital Inspiration

Learn Something New with this Screensaver

You have may used screensavers that display content from RSS feeds on your idle desktop but here’s something different.

Wikipedia Screensaver, as the name suggests, will load a random page from Wikipedia and display it on your desktop in full...

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Why You Should Use Prism with Firefox

Prism is an interesting new application that helps you create desktop shortcuts to your favorite websites in few clicks. These website shortcuts can either be placed on the desktop screen, the Windows start menu or the Dock in Mac OS.

And when you...

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Creative Pillow Designs Inspired by Tech

Smiley (Emoticon) Pillows

smiley pillows

Adobe Creative Suite Icon Cushions

adobe icon pillows

Mac OS X Dock Pillows

apple mac pillows

DOS Command Prompt Pillow

dos command pillow

RSS Icon - Throw Pillow

rss pillow 

TV Cushion

tv cushion

QR Code Pillows - the decoded message will read "Too sexy to be a geek."

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