May 5, 2009

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Digital Inspiration

Use Google for Real-Time Web Search

Google is pretty quick at indexing fresh content and new web pages can show up in Google search results within minutes of getting published online.

To use Google as a real time web search tool, you can add the parameter &as_qdr=d to the Google search URL...

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How to Identify the Language of any Text

identify language from text

If you ever come across words or sentences that are written in an "unknown" language, here are some tools that will help you quickly identify the name of that foreign language.

1. Google Language Detection - Paste a couple of words in the...

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Connect Mac to a Windows PC with CrossLoop

If you are looking for ways to share files between a Windows PC and a Mac (via the Internet) or need to remotely access your Macbook at home from your Office PC (and vice-versa), keep reading.

crossloop for mac and pc

CrossLoop, a free application for screen sharing and remote...

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