Apr 28, 2009

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What Mobile Phones Are People Using to Read Your Website?

If you are curious to know what brand of mobile phones are popular among your site visitors, check out PercentMobile - it’s something like Google Analytics but for mobile devices.

popular mobile phones

mobile phone brands

With Percent Mobile, you get to know the exact cell phone models...

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Download Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 - Outlook Gets a Performance Boost

office 2007 sp2 screenshot Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2007 significantly improves the performance of Microsoft Outlook and also adds support for OpenDocument format in Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007.

With SP2 installed, your Microsoft Office 2007 programs can read &...

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Record HD-quality Screencast Videos with Screencast-o-Matic

Screencast-o-Matic, the first web based screencasting app, has added some new features and revamped the screen recording interface to catch up with nearest rival - ScreenToaster.

screencasts in hd

You can now record full HD quality screencasts videos (1280×720) in...

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Should You Buy an Apple Product Now or Wait for Some Time?

buying apple products

If you are planning to buy a new iPod, iPhone, iMac or any other hardware from Apple, your first thought is often something like this:

Should I buy an iPod now or wait for some more time as rumors strongly suggest that Apple may be planning to release...

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Microsoft Pink is a Touch Screen Mobile Phone

The mystery behind the "Pink" Microsoft project is somewhat solved.

WSJ.com says that Microsoft is working on a new touch-screen mobile phone to compete with the iPhone and the internal name of this project is "Pink".


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