Apr 9, 2009

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How to Insert Images in a Word Document without Embedding

Patrix asks: How to inset images in a Microsoft Word document such that any changes made to the original image are auto-updated in the document(s) where these pictures are embedded.

This is a common issue in organizations where documents often contain...

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Disable your Computer Keyboard & Mouse Before Cleaning

lock keyboard If the computer is on and you want to clean the mouse or keyboard without shutting down the system, check out Toddler Trap.

It’s a free utility that will temporarily disable the mouse and all keys of your computer keyboard so you can safely clean...

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Change Your Browser Homepage and See Something New Everyday

browser homepage

When it comes to choosing a homepage for the browser, we all have different preferences. Some people prefer a blank start page (as it loads immediately), some may be using a search engine for the home page while others may have set multiple...

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WordPress Introduces Web Hosting for bbPress Forums - TalkPress

bbpressTalkPress is a new forum hosting service from Automattic, the developers of WordPress blogging software. It uses the technical infrastructure of WordPress.com VIP hosting that already powers high-traffic sites like WSJ’s All Things D or Om...

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