Apr 10, 2009

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How the Internet Works - Explained in Video

If you are a novice, these short animated videos will help you understand the basic concepts of the Internet and how the "World Wide Web" has evolved since the Arpanet days when networks were limited to defense laboratories and university...

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Cross-Post Your Blog Content with Windows Live Writer

Cross posting is all about spreading the reach of your blog content with minimal effort - you just publish an entry on your main blog and it gets mirrored across all your other blogs.

Here are some scenarios where you may consider cross-posting your...

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Add Inline Images in Gmail without Attachments

gmail inline images

Google has finally added an "Insert Image" button in Gmail meaning you can embed images in email messages directly without having to use file attachments or complex copy-paste.

For some reason, the image button is not available in the default...

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Diggbar, in its current form, is Bad for your Website

In my previous post on removing the Diggbar, I wrote that Digg’s new toolbar may not be that bad a thing for websites as it redirects all the incoming links juice, Google PageRank, etc. to the original source through the use of canonical links.


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Insert the Subject Line in Yahoo Mail Automatically

If you are replying to emails or composing a new message inside Yahoo! mail and have trouble deciding words that should go in the subject line, try this fun feature.

Click the "Subject" button (see screencast) and this will auto-fill the...

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