Apr 21, 2009

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How to Download Images from an Outlook Email

I don’t understand why but Microsoft Outlook doesn’t provide an easy mechanism for users to download images that may be embedded inside an email message. You can right-click an inline image in Outlook and copy it to the clipboard but...

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The Oprah Winfrey Effect on Twitter

twitter and oprah winfrey

The traffic chart from Hitwise shows the daily market share of visits to the Twitter website from January to April.

On April 17, the day when Oprah Winfrey joined Twitter by sending a tweet from her Friday TV show, share of US based visits to the...

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Navigate the Archives of any Blog in an Interactive Timeline

Google today introduced a new timeline based blog reader that could be a perfect fit for people who follow a very limited number of blogs. And it’s great for researching blogs as well.

blog archives in timeline

Go to newstimeline.google.com, select "Blogs" from...

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How to Write an IE 8 Accelerator for your Website

Accelerators are a new feature in Internet Explorer 8 that help you do routine tasks like searching, email, blogging, etc. right from the contextual menu of your IE 8 browser.

For instance, you can select an address on a web page, right click and preview...

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