Apr 17, 2009

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BusinessWeek's List of Most Powerful People in India Includes a Blogger

amit varma

Amit Varma, who authors the hugely popular India Uncut blog, has been named by BusinessWeek magazine as one of the most powerful people in India for 2009.

Blogger Amit Varma brings a particular libertarian point of view to his columns and blog items,...

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Translate Your Outlook Emails into Other Languages

If you have a contact in another country who frequently uses non-English words in her emails or if you are subscribed to an newsletter that’s written in some foreign language, here’s how you can quickly translate email messages into your...

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Export all your Files from Google Pages as a Zip

Starting next month, all existing websites hosted on Google Pages will be imported into Google Sites automatically and the Page Creator service will shut down in June 2009.

Google won’t move any of files from Pages into Google Sites (since the...

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A Time-Lapse Movie of the Digg Front Page

This Time-Lapse video of Digg will help you visualize how stories move up or go down with time on the Digg front page.

For this movie, I initially captured some 8+ hours of continuous activity on the Digg front page and later squeezed it into a 80...

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