Apr 30, 2009

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The Highest Paying AdSense Ads May Not Always Be On Top

If there are multiple Google AdSense ad units on a web page, it is generally assumed that the top ad unit (the one which appears first in the HTML source code) will serve the highest paying CPC ads. Well, that may be true most of the times but not...

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BlackBerry eBook Readers - Read Books & Office Documents on the go!

BlackBerryGot a BlackBerry? Here’s a round-up of some free BlackBerry apps that will turn your mobile phone into a proper eBook reader - not like Kindle or Sony Reader but close. Later, we looks at workarounds to help you catch up with business documents,...

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Windows 7 Release Date Leaked; Coming this October

This is the Acer Aspire Z5600 PC - an HP TouchSmart like all-in-one entertainment PC with a 24" touch-screen display, built-in TV tuner card, Blu-ray recorder, a 2 TB hard drive and the hardware is neatly placed on the rear of the LCD display.


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FeedDemon 3.0 adds Google Reader Synchronization

FeedDemon has finally added synchronization support for Google Reader. That means you can now read feeds on the desktop with FeedDemon but can continue using Google Reader as your online feed reader.

google reader import

To enable Google Reader sync in your copy of...

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