Jan 30, 2009

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Google GDrive is for Online File Backup and Storage

google gdrive GDrive, Google’s answer to Mozy and Live SkyDrive / Mesh, may be very close to launch.

First, a new sub-domain has been been added to google.com at http://gdrive.svc-1.google.com/ though it continues to point at the main homepage of Google. ...

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FeedDemon and Google Reader: A Perfect Marriage

feeddemon loves google reader There’s little doubt that FeedDemon is the best desktop based news reader for Windows while Google Reader enjoys the largest share of the pie among online feed readers.

The only issue, as noted in this comparison of FeedDemon with Google...

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An Email Reminder Service That Can Pester If You Like

urge me reminders If you fall in the category of people who like to postpone tasks as much as possible, give Urge Me a try.

Urge me is another free email based reminder service on the web but with a small twist. You pick a date when the task is due and Urge Me will...

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Charge your Laptop Computer with a Foot Pedal

manual laptop charger There are two reasons why foot pedal based sewing machines are still so popular in India - first, they are relatively cheap and second, these machine are manual and can therefore work even without electricity current.

Easy Energy has applied the...

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Convert English Text to Pseudo Russian Typography

fake russsian textPseudo Russian (or fake Cyrillic) typography is the use of Cyrillic letters to evoke the Russian feel while conveying the main message in English.

For example, in the 2006 film "Borat", the title of the film on movie posters was written in...

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