Jan 19, 2009

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What Indian Consumers Look for When Buying a Mobile Phone

A survey was recently conducted across major cities in India to determine parameters that Indian consumers take into consideration when buying a mobile phone. Here’s a summary:

** Important considerations in buying a mobile phone

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Preview and Compare All Your Installed Fonts Online

compare fonts Should I write the headline of this text in Arial, Times New Roman or use some uncommon font style like Adobe Garamond or Adobe Caslon?

Picking the right font for your design work is not always easy especially when there are hundreds of different...

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Create Short URLs for Google Maps Links

google maps shortcutGoogle Maps URLs are pretty unwieldy especially when sending over an IM, tweet or email. MapOf.it provides you a quick way to link to Google Maps by simply specifying the address of the location as a search parameter.


So, for...

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The Size of Internet to Double Every 5 Years

Moore’s Law is a famous statement by Intel founder Gordon Moore predicting that the number of transistors on a CPU would double every 18 months. This law, that first appeared in 1965, has held true for almost half a century, and now is a model for...

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Hear the World's Greatest Music Stars Sing your Lyrics

start sing lyrics If you insist on hearing your painstakingly written lyrics being murmured by the world’s greatest stars like Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, Christina Aguilera and others, here’s something you’ll enjoy.

“Let them sing it for...

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