Jan 21, 2009

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Online Test Console for Google AJAX APIs

Google today released a new browser based console where you can write and simultaneously test applications that use any of the Google AJAX APIs including maps, search mashups, blogs feeds and more.

google ajax test console

The programming console, known as AJAX APIs...

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Watch Slumdog Millionaire in Mumbai AdLabs for Free

Slumdog Millionaire, a "feel good" movie that won four awards at the Golden Globes, will release in India this Friday and here’s an opportunity for you to watch the movie in a cinema hall for free provided you are in Mumbai.

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Get RSS Feed Suggestions Based on your Existing Subscriptions

If you are looking to expand your blog reading list but don’t have time to hunt the web for identifying other great blogs that you are not subscribed to, try Suggest RSS.

Suggest RSS is an online service that reads your existing RSS...

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Did Abraham Lincoln Invent the Emoticon (Smiley) ?

While most people believe that Scott Fahlman was the first person to suggest the use of :-) symbol for representing a smiley face, Times has stumbled upon an old speech of Abraham Lincoln that contains a sequence of characters which look very similar to...

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Attend the Blog Training Program in Agra

blog agraI am conducting a blog training program in Agra next week to share blogging tips and techniques that may help you become a more successful blogger.

If you are based in Agra or know someone here who may be interested in joining this blog program,...

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Transfer Your Google Notebook to Zoho - Quickly & Effortlessly

Zoho has just released an excellent wizard like tool to help you quickly import all your notes and web clippings from Google Notebook into Zoho Notebook.

zoho notebook import

Here are the steps involved for moving all your data from Google to Zoho Notebook:


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