Jan 28, 2009

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WordCamp India - A Conference for WordPress Users

India’s first ever WordCamp will happen on February 21-22, 2009 somewhere in New Delhi NCR.

wordcamp india

If you are love WordPress and based in India, this is an opportunity you should not miss because, other than improving your WordPress skill-set,...

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All Email Messages in Gmail Have a Permanent Web Address

Do you know that it is possible to bookmark individual email messages of Gmail just like you would bookmark any regular web page.

To experiment, open any Gmail thread in your browser and notice the address bar as it gets updated with a unique URL....

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FeedDemon and Google Reader: A Perfect Marriage

feeddemon loves google reader There’s little doubt that FeedDemon is the best desktop based news reader for Windows while Google Reader enjoys the largest share of the pie among online feed readers.

The only issue, as noted in this comparison of FeedDemon with Google...

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How Microsoft Outlook Ruined Her Birthday Cake ?

If you like to order a cake at Wegman’s bakery, you can simply email them a personalized message that will be printed on the cake.

A lady in NY followed the same procedure and ordered a birthday cake over email but here’s what they...

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The Connection Between Obama's Poster and Google Images

Shepard Fairey, creator of this iconic Obama hope poster, could have been in a spot over a simple case of copyright infringment.

That’s because Fairey searched for Obama pictures on Google Images and used one of the images from the search...

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The Most Popular Twitter Acronyms

Twitter, on account of the 140 character limit, encourages extensive use of shorthand typing. Most of these acronyms might be familiar to regular Internet users but some are very specific to Twitter.

Here is a list of top Twitter acronyms that...

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