Jan 29, 2009

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Check Google PageRank of an Entire Website Using Sitemaps

Obsessing about fluctuations in Google PageRank may be a complete waste of time but still, the PageRank values of individual web pages on a site can give you some good idea about the relative importance of these pages in the eyes of Google.


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See your Twitter Followers on one Page with Twitter Mosaic

If you like to create a wallpaper similar to the one used on labnol feed, check out Twitter Mosaic.

It’s a simple service that takes your Twitter user name and creates a mosaic like image using profile pictures of all your Twitter followers....

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Indian Blogger Apologizes to NDTV for Quoting Wikipedia

barkha dutt There is a storm brewing in the Indian blog world today.

Chyetanya Kunte, an Indian blogger based in Netherlands, was unhappy with the way a mainstream media journalist reported news about the Mumbai terror attacks and decided to blog his thoughts...

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Success at Work: Tips to a Successful Management Career

Tips to a Successful Management Career - Chapter 1

Management is an extremely competitive profession; where one is pitted against the best of the best. He has to beat the performance benchmarks amongst his peer group, in order to forge his way ahead...

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Google Updates Privacy Policy

google is watchingThis may slightly concern privacy advocates who continue to worry about Google storing too much data about their users.

Google today updated their privacy policy document and it now says that, in addition to retaining server logs, Google may also...

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