Feb 2, 2009

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What Do You Use Google For?


What do you use Google for? 

I normally use Google for finding movie timings, spell checking, ego surfing, spotting grammatical errors in sentences, currency conversion, getting word meanings, for reading lost websites and of course for...

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Get an RSS Feed of your Yahoo! Mail

yahoo mail rssWhile Google allows you to read all your unread Gmail messages in any RSS reader that supports authentication, such a feature in not available in Yahoo Mail by default.

Am not sure if these RSS feeds for email can make anyone feel more productive but...

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Put Google on your Business Cards

The owner of a Dallas based printing services company has come with this unique Google style business card design that you are very unlikely to throw away.


The business card carries a slightly photoshopped version of Google Search page along...

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The #1 Website on Alexa is now Google. Finally.

Alexa rankings may not always make sense but for the first time, Google has managed to grab the top slot on Alexa pushing Yahoo to rank #2.


Since January 5th, when Google first surpassed Yahoo officially, the #1 rank has bounced back and forth...

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Download Acronis True Image for Free - Disk Cloning Software

acronis true image In my previous guide to rebuilding a Windows PC, I recommended Acronis True Image software for creating a full backup (or clone) of your computer’s hard drive so that all your software programs and data can be easily restored in case there’s...

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How to Say 'No to All' During File Copy Operations in Windows

While copying or moving a large number of files from one location to another folder in Windows, you may often encounter errors or warning messages saying the file(s) you are trying to copy already exists in the target location.

no to all in windows

** Windows No to...

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What Kind of People are Following You on Twitter

twitter guideIf you are curious to know what kind of people are following you on Twitter, check out Twitter Sheep.

It takes you Twitter login credentials, grabs the bio from the profile of your Twitter followers and creates a colorful Wordle like tag cloud that...

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