Feb 5, 2009

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Send Postal Letters Anywhere in the World Through Internet

send email as postal mailThere are three reasons why you may want to send emails as paper letters using snail mail:

1. Some of your relatives live in remote villages where they don’t have computers let alone access to Internet.

2. Your grandparents know computers...

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Embed Videos in Web Pages To Get On Google Universal Search

Google Universal Search (see live example or an extreme screenshot) changed the basic rule that only high quality web pages could put your site on the front pages of Google. You can have good positions even without text through the use of images, blogs...

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How to Clean Your Internet History in Firefox

Consider this - you are sharing a computer at home, there aren’t any separate user logins and all family members use the same Firefox browser to surf the web. How do you make sure that people don’t get to know about the websites you visited...

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Download Portable Chrome 2: Carry the Google Browser on a USB Stick

Portable Google ChromeFor people who love to carry software on a USB drive or if you are behind a corporate firewall and can’t install new software, here’s something you have been waiting for - Google Chrome 2.0 in a portable avatar.

Like other portable apps,...

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Video Title & Ratings Added to the YouTube Player

Google today introduced a small change in the YouTube player that could save us some time as we can safely skip watching videos that either have low user ratings or carry some crazy titles.

youtube player with video title

That’s because YouTube videos that are embedded...

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Printing Fake Currency Notes is disallowed in Photoshop

fake currency

If you’ve been tinkering with the idea of making some quick money by printing fake notes using Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, think again.

These applications will simply refuse to print fake notes and will instead show a warning...

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Is Noise Driving you Mad ? Switch to iSerenity

If you find yourself regularly stressed out by the maddening noise at work or home, iSerenity could be of some help.

iSerenity offers a relaxing web-based environment with soothing sounds and images designed to reduce stress and calm nerves. ...

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Plant Real Trees from your iPhone with iPhorest

iphone to plant trees

Got an iPhone? You can use that mobile device to increase the overall population of "real" trees on our planet.

Raven Zachary, who developed the official iPhone app for the Obama campaign, has launched a new eco-friendly app called...

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