Mar 19, 2010

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 8 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 8 new articles

Letter to Google Chrome

Google ChromeDear Google Chrome,

I always wanted to use you as my primary browser but felt lazy doing so because you weren't supporting some of my favorite Firefox extensions. Also, while I know that it is possible to use any search engine from your "smart"...

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Supporting Earth Hour Day 2010

Power cuts are pretty common in this part of the world especially during summers so most days are like an Earth Hour Day for a lot of people here. However, for the rest of us, power cuts don't really affect work as we are lucky enough to have alternate...

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iPhone 3GS Coming to India via Airtel

iphone 3gsAirtel PR just sent me an email note saying that Airtel would be selling the iPhone 3GS in India in the coming months (no exact dates yet).

Bharti Airtel and Apple to Bring iPhone 3GS to India

New Delhi, March 19, 2010: Bharti Airtel and Apple have...

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'You Don't Search the Internet with Google'

"I am using Google to search the Internet."

Technical speaking, this statement is slightly incorrect because, according to Matt Cutts, when you do a search on Google, you aren't searching the World Wide Web, you're only searching Google's index...

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What Other Companies Can Learn from Nestle's Facebook Page

You can always create a Facebook page for your company in minutes but that’s not enough –  you also need to involve yourself in the various conversations that are happening on your Facebook pages. Here's an example:

Facebook Page of Nestle

When Nestle posted a...

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Want to Know the Sleeping Time of your Friends or Celebrities

sleeping time 

** When do they sleep?

Actors, singers, journalists, sportsmen, musicians, writers, politicians, bloggers and your friends – they are all active on Twitter now. The only time when they are not posting messages on Twitter is probably when they...

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Give your YouTube Channel a Makeover with Custom Themes

youtubeLike Twitter, YouTube also supports custom backgrounds and color themes so you can completely change the look of your YouTube channel in minutes and make it stand out- see example.

The unique thing about YouTube is that it supports transparent...

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The First Reactions to my Twitter App

Here’s a snapshot of what people are saying about Sleeping Time on Twitter. Thanks!

The Twitter app kind of assumes that the only time you are offline is when you are sleeping and looks like that holds true for quite a lot of Twitter users.


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