Mar 10, 2010

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 5 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 5 new articles

Pop-up Reminders in Google Calendar

popup reminders

Google Calendar now supports pop-up reminders just like your favorite desktop email client.

If you keep Google Calendar open all day long, you probably end up seeing quite a few reminders every day. Browser alerts are okay, but I tried to find a way...

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Will You Pay $100 per Month to Embed a Video on your Website?

common craftThe people behind Common Craft are masters at explaining complex new media topics like Wikis, RSS, Social Media, etc. in plain English. One of their videos explaining Twitter has so far been viewed over 1.7 million times on YouTube while the one on...

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Taxi Driver in India Uses YouTube to Find Customers

auto rickshaw in india It is always inspiring to read stories of people who may never have had an Internet connection but are still using the power of Internet to find clients from across the globe.

Meet Samson – he drives an auto-rickshaw in the Souther Indian city of...

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The Best Applications for your Google Apps

Just like you buy "applications" from the iTunes store and add them to your iPhone, everyone can now buy readymade "cloud applications" from the Google Apps Marketplace and install them to their Google Apps' accounts.

Google Apps Marketplace,...

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Which Social Websites are Good for your own Site?

Which Social Media Site?

Will Facebook help drive more traffic to your website or Twitter? Are incoming links from Digg more valuable for improving your site's organic rankings than than from YouTube or Flickr? Which is the best social site for engaging with people who are...

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