Mar 9, 2010

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 8 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 8 new articles

Keep Your Passwords Safe on a Piece of Paper

Important Passwords on Paper If you use the same password on multiple websites, your may be in for some trouble.

Say your password for website is the same as the password for Now if the website gets compromised (or the owner is malign...

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Make Your Own Laptop Bag with a Hoodie

Laptop Bag

Got a jacket with a hood? Then watch this video as it explains how you can quickly turn your hooded jacket into a laptop carrying bag.

The video is part of the Just Undo It series by Antonio Scarponi that shows how you can transform a simple hoodie...

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Announcing Winners of the Intel Tips Contest

Laptop with Intel Core i5 ProcessorThank you all for participating in the Intel Contest. The winners are:

Week 1: Eeshan Chatterjee from Manipal, Karnataka

Week 2: Viren Mehta from Mumbai, Maharashtra

Week 3: Namita Guj from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Week 4: Sidharth Bhan from Bangalore,...

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A Short Documentary on Google

We think of Google as a search engine but they are an advertising company. This short documentary on Google will give you a good idea of what Google is trying to do and how the different pieces fit together.

They want to own the cables that deliver the...

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Turn your Images into Spreadsheet Art

This time-lapse video captures how the Google Docs team turned an online spreadsheet into sort of a painting canvas by filling individual cells of the sheet with different colors simultaneously.

It might have take them several days to plan and draw the...

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Manage Google Docs from Microsoft Outlook

If you spend most of your day inside Microsoft Outlook and also use Google Docs for storing documents and other files online, here's a free Outlook plug-in that will let you manage your Google Docs account right from your favorite email client.


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How to Export Email Addresses of all your Facebook Friends

Download Facebook Email AddressesSearch the Facebook Apps directory for something like "export contacts" and you'll come across quite a few applications that sound as if they can transfer your friends contact information out of Facebook.

There's an app called "Export...

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The New Homepage homepage

Microsoft is slowly rolling out a new design for their homepage. The design is clean and doesn't appear busy anymore.

Like Yahoo, you can check your friend's tweets and their Facebook status updates right on the MSN page. You can even update...

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