Mar 12, 2010

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 7 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 7 new articles

Get your Office 2010 Upgrade Even if you are Late

imageThe upcoming Office 2010 software will be available as a free upgrade to all users who have purchased a copy of Office 2007 on or after March 5, 2010.

However, if you are feeling a bit unlucky because you got yourself a copy of Office 2007 just days...

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iPad Unseats Downloads at the Apple Website

This is a screenshot image of the old website (pre iPad)..

Apple Website Before iPad

.. and this is the new Website (post iPad)

The New Website

The pre-iPad and post-iPad versions of the Apple website are pretty similar except for the one minor change.

Apple has dropped the...

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The Internet Classroom

If the Internet were a classroom and all the different social websites were students, this is how a group photo of that class might have looked like.

The Internet University Classroom

You can also download a landscape version of this graphic directly from Buzz. See some more...

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YouTube's IPL Show Fails to Live up to the Hype

youtube error for IPL

Have been trying to watch the IPL telecast on YouTube for some time and all I get is this "blue screen" saying they are "experiencing technical difficulties."

The video stream does appear intermittently but its extremely slow and flaky. The...

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YouTube Bonanza for Airtel Users in India

youtube_cricket Starting today, all IPL T20 cricket matches will be streamed live on YouTube (  and since there aren't any geographic restrictions, cricket fans around the world can watch matches of their favorite teams on any computer (or an

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[Poll] Do You Like Bing's New Favicon?

Bing Homepage

Microsoft has replaced the original blue favicon on with a yellow design. The Bing homepage looks so beautiful everyday but can’t say the same about their new favicon image.

bing favicons

Please take this quick poll to share your own opinion on...

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Are Web Pages Not Opening in Google Chrome?

DNS Errors in Google Chrome

** Oops! This link appears to be broken in Google Chrome

You are trying to open a web page in Chrome and all it gives you is this error message – "DNS Error – cannot find server."

You hit F5 to refresh a page but the error persists. You...

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