Feb 1, 2010

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

How to Make Your Wired Printer Wireless

Your laptop and desktop computers are connected over a Wi-Fi network but you still need a physical USB cable to connect your wired printer to one of these computers.

If you find your existing setup a bit inconvenient and are looking for ways that will...

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An Efficient Structure for WordPress Permalinks – Don't Make the Mistake I Did

WordPress offers you plenty of options for choosing a permalink structure for your blog. For instance, you can chose to have dates, post IDs, categories or even the name of the author in the pemalinks (short for permanent link).

The URL structure that...

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The Battery Life of iPad According to Steve Jobs

While the iPad surely looks like a great device for reading books or for surfing the web from the couch, very few people outside Apple (except Stephen Colbert) may have had a chance to use the Apple tablet first-hand.

ipad for web surfing Therefore, whatever little we know...

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How to Track Your Favorite Pages on Facebook

There are generally two reasons why people fan pages on Facebook.

You love a particular product and by becoming a fan, you can show your appreciation for that product to the world. That is one of the reasons why I am a fan of Google, O’Reilly,...

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Which Fast Food Restaurant Should You Choose?

You want to quickly grab something to eat and there are quite a few good fast-food restaurants in your locality to choose from. The only real problem is how do you decide where to eat?

Well, here’s a very handy flowchart that covers most fast food...

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