Feb 4, 2010

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 4 new articles

The Problem with Google Image Search

Google keeps talking about the real-time web and that how quickly it can respond to “real-time” events. The moment Google algorithms discover breaking news (like the earthquake in Haiti or the Toyota brakes issue), it triggers real-time...

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'Memorize Now' Can Help You Memorize Long Pieces of Text Quickly

Whether you are preparing to deliver a lengthy presentation in your company or need to memorize a long speech for an elocution contest in school, meet a useful web app that can possibly help you memorize long passages of text quickly.

memorize long text

The app, aptly...

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Troubleshoot your Nokia Phone Problems with Nokia Diagnostics

nokia phone problems

Nokia Diagnostics is a free utility that can help you troubleshoot and resolve common problems with your Nokia phones.

For instance, when you need to configure your Nokia device on a different Internet Connection (like moving from one Wi-Fi network to...

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Google Brings Face Morphing to Orkut

Face Morphing App for Orkut

Google has added an interesting face morphing app in Orkut. The app takes your profile image from Orkut and smoothly morphs it into your friend’s profile image while filling the path  with public images of other Orkut users who have matching...

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