Feb 2, 2010

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Enter the Intel Contest on Digital Inspiration

At CES 2010, Intel introduced a new range of processors for laptops and desktop computers. These processors aren’t just fast but also include a new Turbo Boost feature that will automatically speed up the processor when you are running some...

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Looking to Buy a Cameraphone or a Digital Camera? Picasa Can Help!

digital cameraFlickr offers a very useful camera finder tool to help you choose the right digital camera or a camera phone.

With the Flickr Camera tool, you can not only see the quality of shots captured by actual consumers in real-world situations but you may also...

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Quick Note to Twitter Users Who are Listed on WeFollow

WeFollow, as you probably know, is a public directory of Twitter users. The site, a brainchild of Digg founder Kevin Rose, was launched nearly an year ago and is still quite an hit among Twitter users.

To add your own Twitter profile in the WeFollow...

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Google Adding Direct Phone Support for Nexus One Customers

nexus one The initial reviews of the Nexus One device were largely positive but one area where Google certainly faced issues was customer support.

Unlike most other companies in the hardware business, Google doesn’t offer any phone support for Android /...

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