Jan 12, 2010

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 4 new articles

A Complete List of Verified Twitter Accounts

Twitter Verified Badge If you see a blue verified seal on any Twitter page, it is sort of a confirmation from the Twitter staff that the account is real and doesn’t belong to any impersonator.

Though any Twitter user can put a request to get their account verified,...

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A Book Review Program for Bloggers

Book publisher will send you free books if you agree to write reviews on Amazon (or another online bookstore) and on your blog.

Book Reviews

Book publisher Thomas Nelson has created a program – Book Sneeze – for bloggers worldwide who maybe interested in...

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What to Do When You Cannot Open a Particular Website

Your computer is connected to the Internet but you are unable to open a particular website though all the other sites are loading without issues.

For instance, you can open yahoo.com and bing.com but it takes forever to load www.google.com even though...

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Visual Timeline – The Most Iconic Electronic Gadgets of all Time

Consumer Electronics & Gadgets

Here’s a visual timeline of the 25 most successful gadgets and technologies in the consumer electronics space beginning with the Pong, the first commercially successful arcade video game, to the rumored Apple Tablet that is expected later this...

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