Jan 8, 2010

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Clever! YouTube Video Turned into a Virtual Piano

This is absolutely brilliant. You can make your own music using a YouTube video!

Hit the play button, wait until the video loads in your browser and then click any of the piano keys inside the YouTube video itself to play some music.

It’s a very...

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A Simple Google Hack Gives You Free Access to Online Newspaper Articles

WSJ Premium ContentOnline newspaper sites like the Financial Times require users to sign-in if they want to read more than one article on their site. The New York Times too had such a restriction in place earlier but they seem to have dropped that requirement now.

The Wall...

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China Blocks IMDB Movie Website

China Blocks Websites

Amazon owned IMDB.com, a popular web database of movies and actors, is no longer accessible from China.

Why China Blocked IMDB

While there has been no official comment on why the IMDB site was blocked inside China, rumors on Twitter suggest that

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New Video Demo of Project Natal

Project Natal will enable you to interact with your Xbox 360 using natural gestures and voice commands without requiring a physical controller. There’s no mention of price but Project Natal will be hitting stores this holiday season and it will...

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