Jan 4, 2010

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 3 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 3 new articles

Live Flight Tracking on Google Maps

Live Flight Tracking

Casper is a brilliant mashup that displays movement of incoming and outgoing flights on a Google Map live.

It is currently only tracking flights that are flying in and out of the Amsterdam Airport but the mashup can be "configured for any airport."


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Take Better Screenshots of Semi-Transparent Windows

If you need to quickly capture a screenshot of any program window inside Windows, just bring that window to the foreground, press Alt+Print Screen and paste the image from the clipboard into MS Paint.

That’s it. You don’t require a screen...

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An Animated Google Doodle for Newton's Apple Tree

Newton AppleIssac Newton was sitting under an apple tree, an apple fell on his head and that inspired Newton to develop his theory of gravity.

Today is the 366th birthday of Sir Isaac Newton and Google is celebrating it with an interesting logo on their homepage

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