Dec 19, 2008

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For Bloggers: How to Distribute Your Blog through Amazon Kindle Store

This may come as a surprise but people do to read blogs on the go via Amazon Kindle.

** kindle-blog

Amazon charges a monthly fee (around $1) per blog subscription but does offer some benefits in return. For example, Kindle subscribers are always provided...

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Convert Your Emails into Google Documents without Gmail

Google recently introduced a new feature in Gmail that lets you easily convert an email conversation into a Word document without having to use copy-paste.

email to documentSimply click the "Create a Document" link next to any Gmail thread and the entire...

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What Can Nokia do to trump Apple's iPhone

I have been an iPhone user for almost 10 months now and have been thinking about getting a new phone. So when I started looking around for new models, I was amazed to see how none of the available phones would satisfy my requirements. Not even the super...

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HP Computers Giveaway - Only 2 Days to Go!

You still have 48 hours to enter the HP Magic Giveaway contest. In case you have already participated but aren’t too happy about your previous entry, you are most welcome to submit another entry.

** How can I win?

I am looking for...

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How to Rebuild your Computer and Reinstall Windows Without Headache

If you are planning to rebuild a ’slow’ computer by reinstalling Windows (XP or Vista) from scratch, here’s a pre-installation checklist + some time saving tips.

** Fix Problems by Reinstalling Windows

As a tech blogger, part of...

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Visualize Twitter Conversations as Venn Diagrams

Twitter Venn helps you track the relative popularity of various topics on Twitter and how these conversations overlap with each other. The service creates an interactive Venn Diagram for your set of terms using data from Twitter Search. Each dot...

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