Dec 8, 2008

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Arianna Huffington on Blogging

huffington bloggingKnow what it takes for a blogging evangelist (Arianna Huffington) to convince someone from mainstream media (Jon Stewart) to get into blogging. It ain’t that easy.

Arianna, founder of the world’s most influential blog, was recently on The...

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Does Twitter Have an 'Excessive Use' Policy?

twitter excessive use Can twitter temporarily shut you down for excessive use?

Aeropolowoman, a journalist who was live tweeting the Mumbai terror attacks from her home in Florida, says that Twitter disabled her "direct messaging" and "@reply"...

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Most Popular Google Subdomains

Google SubdomainsFollowing is a list of 40 most popular subdomains of in terms of unique visitors. If traffic is any measure of popularity, this chart definitely provides some good hints about the relative popularity of various Google services.


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.cn Domains Outnumber .net and .org Domains

popular domain names

The VeriSign Domain report of December 2008 says that .cn, the country code top level domain for China, is now the most popular Top Level Domain ahead of .de (Germany) and .uk (United Kingdom). In fact, web domain names with a .cn suffix now...

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Firefox 2.0 to Disable Anti-Phishing Feature

If you’re yet to upgrade your Firefox browser to version 3.0, read this carefully because phishing is a serious issue.

Firefox Phishing Warning

Mozilla is removing the anti-phishing feature starting version of Firefox. The reason being given is that...

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