Dec 29, 2008

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Digital Inspiration

The Essential Guide to Internet & Software for First-Time Computer Users

teaching computer to momYou bought a brand new laptop computer for mom - the Apple Macbook was too expensive so you settled for a Dell machine loaded with Windows Vista and a trial copy of Office 2007.

Your mom is a great self-learner and knows all the basic stuff about...

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See Real Web Addresses Before Clicking any Short URL

Let’s say you land on a web page that has tons of links but they are all encoded with services like tinyurl,,,, etc. so you have no clue about where those links may lead you to? The TinyURL service does offer a preview feature...

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Identify Country Flags by their Appearance or Color

identify country flagCan you identify the flag on your right?

If not, you should try Flag Identifier - an online search tool to help you quickly identify flags based on their color, shape (not all flags are rectangular), geography or even the design pattern printed on...

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FLV Video Editing Software & Converter is Free Today

The video clips that you download from YouTube are often encoded in Flash Video (FLV) format and therefore not compatible with Windows Movie Maker and other video editing software.

Another problem with FLV videos is that they won’t play on...

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The Best Websites for Kids Packed inside a Browser - Kido'Z

If you are a parent of a young kid and have trouble finding good (and safe) websites that will keep your child engaged while you finish the daily chores, get Kidoz.

Kidoz is an internet browser with a very beautiful interface where kids can not only...

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