Mar 6, 2008

Registry -for Beginners

What is the PC Registry?

Every PC using Microsoft Windows has a registry file. It is one of the most important files on your PC and holds a wealth of information about your computer and the programs that are installed on it. The more programs you install the larger the registry becomes. Unfortunately, when you uninstall programs not all the information in the registry is always removed and files may get left behind or worse still the registry becomes full of information about programs that no longer exist on your computer. In due course this information will begin to dramatically slow your PC down as it has to keep referring to the registry file in order to locate program files and the many files associated with each of these programs. Within just a month or two of buying a new PC, it may begin to slow down dramatically as the PC struggles to locate the correct information. The more programs you install and remove, the worse the problem becomes. In some cases, especially after a PC crash or unexpected re-boot, the registry can actually become corrupted and a re-install of the software may be the only solution.
To get into registry -
step :- Click Start -> Run -> type " regedit" (without quotes)..
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