Mar 11, 2008

10 Killer Firefox Extensions That You Probably Don’t Know About

10 Killer Firefox Extensions That You Probably Don't Know About

The best Firefox Extensions out there, right here.

This isn't the usual list of extensions that everyone is used to using, but 10 add-ons that many may not know about, but can be very useful for everyday web browsing.

1. PicLens

PicLens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen 3D experience for viewing images across the web. Makes browsing through pictures a wonderful experience. The interactive 3D Wall and built-in search function, lets you effortlessly drag, click, zoom, and zip your way around a wall of pictures for an amazing viewing experience.

2. Snap Links

You know the times where you have been trying to find something through a search engine, but you have to go through every link one by one in order to find it? All of us have been there, but now with just one click you can open multiple searches with Snap Links. Snap Links allows users to easily open multiple links in new tabs by drawing a box around them.

3. Tab Scope

With Tab Scope you can hover over a tab to get an instant preview of the web page. The cool thing is you have real time navigation, zoom, and you can even click on links without having to switch tabs.

4. Reminder Fox

This is for those who spend hours on Firefox, including myself. Reminder Fox is an extension that displays and manages to do's. It can set reminders and alert you at the appropriate moment.

5. Download Statusbar

You can view and manage downloads in a small status bar in the corner of the screen, without having that download window get in your way.

6. HyperWords

This add-on makes every word interactive by adding a very handy options menu when you hover over it. Just think, you are viewing a map, and you hover over a location name and you get the option to locate it, search it, or get any information you want on it. Possibilities are endless!

7. Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

If you're like me and use Firefox on multiple computers, you'll want Foxmarks. All you have to do is install Foxmarks on each computer and without you knowing, it will synchronize your bookmarks for you. You can also log onto to have access to your bookmarks where ever you go.

8. Tab Effect

It adds a nice effect to Firefox by simulating a 3D cube being turned when switching through tabs.

9. Cooliris Previews

Cooliris Preview allows you to surf through the web faster by giving you a small preview of the website, without you even having to click on it. Just imagine, surfing without wasting time by clicking on links and coming to realize that it wasn't even close to what you were looking for. All you have to do is just mouse over any link, and the Cooliris preview window immediately appears in order to show you the content.

10. StumbleUpon

This is by far the best add-on out there. It discovers websites based on your interests, and learns what you like. A fair warning to those that want to download this, it's so great that you will find yourself spending more time than you thought possible surfing around the web. It basically feels like the first time you got high

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