Dec 10, 2009

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 6 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 6 new articles

A To-Do List App That's Like Your Paper Diary

** simple to-do lists

TeuxDeux is a minimal and uncomplicated tool that you can use to manage your to-do lists inside the browser.

Type something in the input box and it will added to your pending task list for that day. Hover your mouse over a task and just click...

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Google Chrome – Behind the Scenes Videos

If you ever wondered how Google Chrome works internally, here are some hints.

Video A: Why is Google Chrome fast?

Video B: How Tabs work in Google Chrome?

Video C: How Themes work inside Chrome?

google-chrome-logo Google has made some delightful video ads in the...

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How to Cross-Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook TipsIf you log in to Facebook today, the site will prompt you to review and update your existing privacy settings.

Basically you need to tell Facebook what parts of your profile should be visible to your friends, friends of friends, to search engines and to...

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Get a Free PDF Book on Office 2010

office_2010If you are using Office 2010 already, skip this part else here are four reasons that might tempt you to download Office 2010:

Reason #1. This Office 2010 release is still in beta but pretty solid and you can continue using the software for free until

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University Students Pose with their Macbook Pros

macbook photographs

Macbook Group

Students with Macbook Pro Notebooks

You have already seen pictures of university classrooms where Macbook notebooks have a 100% share and here’s another very similar scene.

A university in Florida is loaning out 13′ Macbook Pro computers to all their student athletes so...

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Which Amazon Store Should You Use for Buying Books?

amazon The Amazon store is currently available only in six different countries – US, CanadaFrance, GermanyJapan and United Kingdom – but the good part is that you can buy books from even if you are not located in one of these...

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