Dec 3, 2009

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Video: How to Setup Google DNS on your Computer

Like OpenDNS, Google today launched their own public DNS service that they say will make your web-surfing experience "faster, safer and more reliable."

If you want to access a site (say from your browser, your computer needs the IP address...

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Assign Drive Letters to your Frequently Used Folders in Windows

If there are specific folders on your hard-drive that you access frequently, here’s a simple tip that will help you quickly reach these folders inside Windows Explorer without having to type the full folder path.

virtual folder drives 

There’s an old DOS...

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"15 Google Users Tried Bing for a Week and 10 of them Switched"

google users switching to bing

Bing is good and it has definitely helped Microsoft improve its market share in the search engine market this year but most people here would have problems agreeing with the findings of a study that was recently posted on YouTube.

Microsoft hired a...

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Google Can Help You Send Holiday Greetings via Snail Mail for Free

Yes, you can use Google for sending snail-mail and this is not an April Fool’s joke.

If you have friends and family members in the US whom you would like to send greeting cards this holiday season, here’s something really interesting for...

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