Oct 20, 2009

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

Getting Too Many Emails from Facebook? Turn Them into a Daily Digest

FacebookYou get an email notification from Facebook every time someone adds you as a friend on Facebook or confirms your existing friendship request. You also get emails when people post something on your wall or comment on photos that you have shared on...

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Want Some Fresh Air? Get These Indoor Plants for your Home

While completing my TED profile, I came across a very interesting presentation by environmentalist Kamal Meattle who talks about how you can grow your fresh air at home and office using some commonly available indoor plants.

** Best Indoor Plants...

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How Long Will Rare Metals Last?

If you were wondering how long will global reserves of some important metals that are used in electronic devices last, here’s a clue.

Tantalum is a rare metal that is used in the manufacture of cell phones and camera lenses but you’ll be...

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Quick Tip: How to Discourage Co-Workers from Interrupting You

headphones = do not distrubSituation: You are working on something important and don’t want your office colleagues to interrupt you during that time. How do you achieve this?

Solution: The first option is that you hang a huge “do not disturb” sign outside your...

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Moderate Comments on your WordPress Blog with Windows Live Writer

If you have a blog that is on WordPress, here’s another good reason why you should use Windows Live Writer as your blog editor.

* Moderate WordPress Comments from Live Writer

moderate wordpress comments

The Windows Live Writer team has developed a plug-in that lets you...

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