Oct 7, 2009

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 4 new articles

A Handy Tool for Adding Screen Captures in Gmail and Google Docs

Let’s say you are working in Google Docs or writing an email inside Gmail and need to add a screenshot image into your current message /document. How do you do this?

screenshot in gmail message

You will first capture the screenshot using the good old Print-Screen key (or via...

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Write Your Own Name using Barcode

google barcode logo

This image may not make sense to the human eye but if you were to show it to a barcode scanning machine, it would immediately recognize the text hidden in that image as "Google".

How to create a 2d Barcode Image

If you are excited about Google’s...

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How to Bypass Google Universal Search

What you see here is the default search results page of Google with the Universal Search feature turned on. The search results are a mix of regular web pages, news stories, image thumbnails, video clips and even blog posts (also see the extreme...

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Use an Old Linux Computer to Put your Baby to Sleep

baby and linuxIf you are not a geek, let me explain the logic of this very simple program.

The program will first auto-eject the CD-ROM drive of your computer and then it will close that open tray. This open-close loop will run forever unless you terminate the program...

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