Sep 23, 2009

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

Microsoft Wants to Know Your Opinion on Google Chrome OS

google chrome os As you know already, Google will launch a new computer operating system sometime in the second half of 2010. The Google Chrome OS will be Linux-based and, like all other Google products, consumers will be able to download and install the OS for free on...

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Repair or Upgrade that Apple Hardware Yourself With Help of iFixIt

macbook aluminum

One of the biggest complaint about gadgets from Apple is that they offer very limited choice for the end user to upgrade or replace components.

For instance, the new Aluminium Macbook Pros do not come with a user replaceable battery. Apple says that...

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Give Your Photos a Vintage Look without Photoshop

Do you want your modern digital photos to look old as if they were captured with a vintage Polaroid camera?

polaroid and vintage effect

polaroid photo effects

Then check out – it’s a new site where you can upload digital photos and apply that classic look of a vintage or Polaroid...

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An Author Links to the Pirated Version of his own Book

Roy Osherove, author of The Art of Unit Testing, was naturally angry when he discovered pirated copies of his book on RapidShare and some people even had the guts to openly share links to those illegal versions of the book on Twitter.

It took him about...

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Google e-book Offers Tips on How to Improve Your Website

Google has released a PDF booklet with some very useful tips on how to improve your website. The guide is written primarily for online businesses and marketers but the tips and findings mentioned in the book are pretty relevant for smaller websites as...

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