Sep 7, 2009

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 3 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 3 new articles

She is not using a Microsoft Surface Table

While it may look like another cool application running on the Microsoft Surface table, it’s something very different.

The girl in the video clip is using nothing but grains of sand to draw these amazing animations in front of a live audience. Her...

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How to Ignore Internal Links on Web Pages Very Quickly

Internal linking, or creating links that point to some of your own web pages, is generally practiced on sites for three reasons:

1. Internal links can quickly add context. Instead of writing a summary of some topic that you covered in detail the other...

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Which Edition of Windows 7 Should You Buy?

It should be a simple choice – you either take the plunge and upgrade your computer to Windows 7 or continue with your existing operating system. And yet, as is often the case, the choice is not as easy as it sounds because once you decide to...

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