Jun 10, 2009

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog - 5 new articles

0. Another Popular Computer Magazine Ceases Publication

personal computer world It’s time to bid farewell to Personal Computer World, a monthly computer magazine from UK that has been in publication since 1978. What you see on the right is their 30th anniversary issue that came out just last year.

The magazine publishers

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1. Watch this YouTube Video without the Flash Player

The next major release of HTML, dubbed HTML 5, will include several new tags for embedding audio, video and other graphical content in web pages.

Currently, your browser needs a plugin to play embedded multimedia content. For instance, you need to...

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2. Google Map Captures the Mood of People from Around the World

If you curious to know how are people feeling around the world, check out World of Emotions - it’s an interesting mashup that plots the global mood on a Google Map through smileys.

world map of feelings

The idea is pretty simple. You log on to the World of Emotions...

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3. Google Tables for Viewing Large Excel Spreadsheets on the Web

If you need to view Excel data without Microsoft Office, just upload the file to Google Docs and it will display the spreadsheet data in the web browser. This sounds like an easy plan but the problem is that you can’t import large volumes of data...

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4. Reduce Spam in your Gmail Inbox with a Language Filter

If there’s a message in my Gmail Inbox that’s not written in English, chances are high that it is some sort of spam because almost all my contacts use the English language for email communication.

All foreign language emails get archives in a...

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