Jun 5, 2009

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Advertising Inside PowerPoint Presentations

A coffee chain in Amsterdam is trying something unique to advertise their brand across campuses. They are giving away free coffee coupons to college students who agree to sneak in a branded slide from the coffee company into their PowerPoint...

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Rotate Your Computer Screen in Windows 7

The standard orientation of our computer screens is generally horizontal (also known as landscape) but monitors placed in portrait mode (where height becomes greater than the width) can be pretty useful for performing tasks that require lot of scrolling...

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Firefox Video Ad Also Created in Japan

Just spotted a very cute advertisement for the Firefox browser.

Firefox Video Ad

Like the Google Chrome ad, this Firefox promotional video also uses stop-motion animation and it was created in Japan as well. Good coincidence.

Google Chrome...

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The Best Screen Capture Software Can Be Yours for Free

Here’s a chance to grab a licensed copy of SnagIt for free. SnagIt, if you are new, is the best screen capture software for Windows that can record screencast videos as well.

First download the SnagIt 7 installer and then head over to

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