Mar 31, 2009

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Track Gmail Messages with Google Analytics

Last week, Google added a new feature in Google Apps that allowed educational institutes and organizations to track how people are interacting with Gmail messages.

Anyone with admin access in Google Apps can see basic visitor stats for Gmail messages...

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Nominate Yourself for the Microsoft MVP Award (India)

microsoft mvp award Microsoft awards the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status to select individuals who are seen as active participants in technical communities like blogs, Internet forums, user groups, wikis, conferences, etc.

You neither have to be a geek nor an...

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More Twitter Followers Don't Always Mean More Clicks

The "Suggested Users" feature of Twitter has left many souls unhappy and rightly so because the moment your Twitter profile shows up on the suggested list, your follower count can grow almost exponentially thus making you look all the more...

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Your Kodak Gallery Photos Will Be Deleted Unless You Buy Something

kodak-galleryKodak Gallery (Ofoto) is an online photo sharing site where anyone can upload pictures for free just like Flickr.

The service is especially popular among Kodak digital camera users since these cameras ship with Kodak Easyshare software that can directly...

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Google Postcard: Search the Web by Snail Mail

Now you can search Google without the computer or a mobile phone. Just write your search query on this postcard and send it to Google office via Snail Mail.

google postcard

This is obviously an April Fools joke but a hilarious one. Thanks Matt.


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World Map Turned Into Animal Shapes

animal world maps

Twelve Animals is a creative project of Kentaro Nagai that uses the world map to form twelve different animals shapes representing the Japanese zodiac. If you are curious to know how the world map was transformed into animals shapes, check this

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