Mar 27, 2009

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Browse the Web Faster on a Slow Internet Connection

If your current Internet speed is very slow and you are living in an area where broadband connections are still not available, here are some ideas to help you download web pages faster on your computer. You may use the same tips to  improve your web...

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Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength with an Aluminium foil

Are you looking for ways to increase the signal strength of that wireless router in your home without having to invest in a Wifi extender?

Then head over to the kitchen and grab a piece of shiny Aluminum foil that is normally used by mom for cooking or...

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Connect with your Extended Family on Facebook

Facebook has made it easy for you to connect with other family members who may or may not be part of the social networking site yet. You can go to this page and create a private group on Facebook open that’s only for the extended members of your...

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Google AdSense Video Units Are Being Discontinued

AdSense video units, a program that allowed AdSense publishers to embed YouTube videos along with Google Text ads, will be discontinued from April 2009.


Unlike referrals, the video units weren’t really popular among website owners so in case you...

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How to Link to HD Quality Videos on YouTube

If you have to link to a 720p HD video on YouTube from your web pages or share those links in an email, here’s a simple hack - just append &hd=1 to the YouTube video URL and it will directly play the high-res widescreen version of that video in the...

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