Apr 1, 2010

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 4 new articles

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog - 4 new articles

YouTube's Next Big Headache – Software Piracy

youtubeIt’s not uncommon to find music videos and pirated movies on YouTube but you may be a little surprised to know that the world's most popular video sharing site has now become a haven for software piracy as well.

People are using the YouTube site...

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The New Inner Circle of Steve Jobs

Apple iPad - Marketing Timeline

Apple's marketing strategy for a new product (like the iPad) works something like this:

Phase 1 - Steve Jobs will announce the product in an "invite-only" event weeks before the product is actually due for shipping.

Phase 2 - Apple will send...

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Your Next Résumé Should Look Like This!

A typical job résumé, or curriculum vitae, is often a long and boring Word document highlighting your education, work experience, your interests and other achievements.

This format has been around since the “snail mail” days and it still...

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iPad Unboxing Videos

The iPad reviews are pouring in.  David Pogue, Walt Mossberg and Edward Baig have already written their first, very positive, impressions of the Apple iPad and now British actor Stephen Fry has posted an unboxing video the iPad and the related...

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